by Marek

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This educational album was compiled from favourite songs used in the classroom and in concerts with Home Schooling groups. The songs are catchy - the themes are diverse - the style is sensitive.


released August 9, 2012

All songs, except for the Warming Up medley of songs, where written and performed by Marek.



all rights reserved


Marek Australia

Marek has helped to pioneer:
• 3 Steiner/Waldorf schools, 2 of them on the Mid-north Coast of NSW, Australia and
• a Steiner/Waldorf Higher Education initiative, Raphael College
For the last 12 years Marek has been running his own “Chalice Music School”, teaching a range of instruments including, uncovering the voice, piano, guitar, violin, cello, recorders, flute, clarinet, lyre and percussion.
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Track Name: Story-time
Come and paddle in the water on the lake -
Come and listen to the story it can make -
Come and fetch a line and fish upon the beach -
There’s a mystery waiting there just out of reach.
Distant lands and times and faces, make us all aware -
Etch their pictures in our spaces - follow if you dare!
Track Name: Welcome
Welcome into our circle, welcome from everyone.
Tell us here if your journey, we’ll tell you of our own.
You come from different directions - you come from a different street,
Touching wider horizons - makes your visit a treat.
Welcome into our circle, welcome from everyone.
Tell us here if your journey, we’ll tell you of our own.
We will help you to settle, we will help you to see,
The mysteries hidden like candles- surrounding everybody.
Welcome into our circle, welcome from everyone.
Tell us here if your journey, we’ll tell you of our own.
Track Name: Mother Nature's Calling
Mother Nature’s calling, you to greet the new day.
Butterfly and beetle, eagerly lead the way.
Mother nature calling you to find her mystery,
Butterfly and beetle, know the way already.
Track Name: Warming Up
Tongo!- (Tongo!)
Chim-nay Bar-hay Bar-hay Oh! (Chim-nay Bar-hay Bar-hay Oh!)
Row away! – (Row away!)
Bar Lay Kar Low away! – (Bar Lay Kar Low away!)

//:Hey anybody home? (Hey anybody home?)://
I have come to visit – (I have come to visit)
You on the land – (You on the land)
I have come to visit – (I have come to visit)
To give you a helping hand – (To give you a helping hand).

//: Are you sleeping? ://
//: Brother John ://
//: Morning bells are ringing ://
//: Ding, dang, dong ://

//: Listen carefully to the fire ://
//: It has mysteries that inspire ://
//: Like the bids that chirp in joyful adoration ://
//: Sings the flame in expectation ://
Track Name: Off We Go
Off we go into the woods, quietly as we should,
Looking behind each bush that we find to see what is good.
In the sea below me, there are fish and shells to see,
barracuda, stingray, krill, looking to thrill.
Up above in the air – eagle soars all beware,
Swooping down towards the ground, without a care.
Track Name: Golden Flame
Keep the thread tight and the sail will sail.
Keep the holes out and we will withstand a gale.
Weave in and out of the dozen cloth game,
Ride into the future like a golden flame.
Track Name: Baby Bear
Once there was litt-le ba-by bear,
Look-ing for some hon-ey ev-ery-where,
He couldn’t reach the beehive, cause he was too short,
So he sat down and had a great thought!
Then he climbed a vine, as fast as it could!!
But a bumble bee chased him out of the woods!!
Track Name: Pumpkin Patch
CHORUS- You have to be big to be a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch,
You have to be big to be a pumpkin, that no one can match,
You have to be big- really big, bigger than a ripe plump fig.
You have to have weight to be a pumpkin in a pumpkin zoo,
You have to have weight to be a pumpkin, to know what to do,
You have to grow broad, learn to hoard,
Even try and turn into a gourd. (Chorus)
You have to be thick to be a pumpkin in a pumpkin show,
You have to be thick to be a pumpkin and never let go,
You have to be tough, gruff and rough,
And never let go of your stuff! (Chorus)
You have to be rich to be a pumpkin in a pumpkin soup,
You have to be rich to be a pumpkin to scoop the coup,
You have to have flavour, you can savour,
And even try to curb your behaviour! (Chorus)
Track Name: Patrick Potter
Patrick Potter had a really fine farm,
He had a beaut red tractor that he kept in his barn,
Working in his garden was a treat and a charm,
Picking pumpkins pulses potatoes in each arm.
Farming days, collecting hay, making compost heaps with lots of worms,
Gives red cheeks to those who speak,
Fondly of the work that they have done-
Helping Brother Sun.
(Helping Sister Moon- Helping Father Star- Helping Mother Earth)
Prudence Potter had two true bright black cows,
she kept them in a paddock full of clover , to browse,
They gave her lots of milk and cream and unexpected flowers,
Going drip drop, drip drop, drip drop, near her blouse.
Penelope Potter had six chickens and a duck,
She had a ventriloquist goose that rode up near her in her truck,
Even on her horse, she was praying for good luck,
For goose would lay her eggs on legs and cluck.
Track Name: The Giants
Through the night come the giants carrying logs and stones
- One brings fire one brings flood one brings cold to the bones
- Shaking earth, making wind, bringing clouds to the sky
- Thunder and lightning their guides
But the little folk have learnt of each giant’s way,
How they each need a place of their own to play
- Build a boat build - build a kiln - build a windmill gong
- Leave the bridge for someone strong.
Track Name: Take Us For A Walk
Take us for a walk - if it’s chilly we will walk all day. Up the mountain we will go, take it easily take it slow - for no-one can make us warm when we are cold – if we cannot keep moving we will just grow old.
Sister Rain may not visit us too often this time of year, but Lady Winter brings the frosts with her, leaving snow on mountain peaks we hear – though days can be warm, it gets cold when not clear and when it really does – Give us a coat and if a coat’s not enough – we’ll try on a scarf and if a scarf’s not enough – we’ll put on a warm hat and if a hat’s not – we’ll slip on our shoes and if they refuse...
You can take us for a walk - if it’s chilly we will walk all day. Up the mountain we will go, take it easily take it slow - for no-one can make us warm when we are cold – if we cannot keep moving we will just grow old.
Track Name: Mother Ocean
Oh Mother Ocean tell me what you’re thinking,
Oh Mother Ocean tell me what you see,
Rocking me, gently- Feeding me, constantly. Mmm....
Our father sky, why have you so many eyes a twinkling?
Our father sky, why are cloudy brows a shrinking?
Speaking to me – gently - Shining on me - constantly. Mmm...
Oh, Mother Ocean, carry me along now,
Oh Mother Ocean, sing me a brave song now,
Rocking me, gently- Feeding me, constantly. Oh.......
Track Name: What's That Sound
Ah Hum, Ah Hum, Ah Hum!
Listen to the hum of the cicadas calling - Ah Hum, Ah Hum,
Listen to the drum of the cicadas beat.
Listen to the hum of the cicadas calling - Ah Hum, Ah Hum,
//: Am - (scratch) What’s that Sound?? ://
Can you hear the plea of the flea to the spider? - (Scratch)
Can you scratch my back just a little bit higher?
I’m usually the one who is making you itch! Itch (x9)
Now there’s a glitch in the magician’s switch,
He’s been helped by the witch, who has twisted my twitch
“So now it’s the flea – that’s me - who itself must flee
– that’s me again - from its own itch!”
Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha! “Are you laughing at me?”
Ha ha ha ha “That’s not funny man”
Now summer time is here – The itchy, noisy time of year!!
Time to block your ears – And get the Ledum my dears!!
Track Name: Wizard of Iris
Once there was a wizard called Iris,
New he was at his game.
He would try to turn into raindrops,
Instead he would burst into flame.
Chorus- In the wink of an eye he could change into sky,
Or travel on the wings of a bird.
But if he’d start sneezing while spells he was weaving,
The results would end up quite absurd.
You might feel that hiding a mountain,
Under your bed is so strange.
But would you let a fast flowing fountain,
Appear in your lounge for a change. (Chorus)
Changing weather all together is not the easiest thing.
Snow bound, flood-bound, heat ‘til you swelter,
You never know what he’ll bring. (Chorus )
Track Name: Through The Jungle
When through the jungle they came,
when through the jungle they came,
no-one could see them or so they thought.
But the jungle vines knew they were coming
and the tall trees cut out the light,
then the coconut palm dropped a bundle from each arm
and the Venus Fly Trapped tight. – Chorus
But the birds knew they were coming
and the mighty elephant roared,
while the monkey squeaked, the python played asleep
and the shy mouse closed her door. – Chorus
But the village folk knew they were coming –
they surrounded them on all sides,
with a loop above and a pit below,
they set twenty four spears as guides. – Chorus
Track Name: Earth Sea and Sky
Good morning to earth, sea and sky, Behold the beauty passing by!
With waves of wonder open eyes - You’ll find the world full of surprise.
Life is a journey that takes us far - One we can travel no matter who we are,
As much as we put in, comes out in the wash - Every step we learn will never be squashed,
For your spirit is sublime - It works wonders every time.
Find the indestructible core inside,
That rises above sleep and takes you far and wide,
As hard as you listen, as hard as you seek,
Angels will support you - Your course is unique!
Track Name: Four Angels
Four angels ‘round my bed - One to guide me - one to pray for me –
One to keep the wild beasts away – //: and (yes) one to carry me :// home
Over the shining rainbow, past the smiling moon,
Into the starry heavens, where the angels sing and dance in tune,
While others play on their golden harps
some swing off their chandeliers
That’s where the voice of God gives you:
Strength and Courage and Wisdom too
And then in the morning when you come sliding back
down the rainbow, back to your loving family and friends
You will be strong, wise and kind,
Yes full of sparkle in your eyes
//:Yes, You’ll be loaded with new ideas and goods deeds.://